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Turning Leather Into Art

The local ABC affiliate, WFAA Chanel 8, made a visit to Elktracks Studio during their Good Morning Texas program on June 16, 2016. I not only had the chance to share some of the art in my studio, but I was also able to share my passion for leather working with their audience. As I said on their program, it has been an incredible blessing to spend my life doing what I love to do.


Welcome to the Site

Welcome to the new Elktracks.net.  We hope you will stay a while and browse through the leather artwork of Jim Linnell.  If you have visited before, you will notice quite a few changes, most of which are in response to comments and suggestions we’ve received from visitors.

Most notable is Free Patterns section. This was created in response to the countless requests we have received for copies of Jim’s patterns. He has already posted many of them, but he has also promised to make new ones available as he creates them.  Jim creates many new patterns each year for the many workshops he conducts in the USA and abroad.  Other than attending his workshop, this will probably be the only place to find them.

There are some finished works of art available to purchase here on the site as well.

Free Pattern
Please sign up to the Elktracks.net mailing list.  We have received a pile of requests from leather workers who want to know when and where Jim is conducting workshops.  If you will give us your information, we’ll keep you informed on Jim’s schedule and let you know when new patterns have been added.  Also, when you sign up for the mailing list, you will be able to download an exclusive pattern for free.


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Lonesome Dove Reunion

Aired during ABC's Good Morning Texas on March 30, 2016, this piece of art is mentioned at the 5:57 mark.

This work was also featured in the Fort Worth Weekly on March 16, 2016 titled Lonesome Dove's Rawhide.


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Pieces for Sale