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Rod Cushingham

Mr. Linnell,

Hello and thank you for your Introductory Leather Carving workshop in Indianapolis last month.  My wife and I attended along with another family from my wife's 4H club (we sat right behind you - I'm the Santa looking guy...).  We all had a good time learning some of the basics.  After the class we stopped by the Tandy Leather store (only a few blocks away) and picked up some kits as the 4H club hosted a general workshop three weeks ago. Eugene and Nancy Cooper and six others from the Central Indiana Leathercrafters drove over to help 4Hers and some parents start various projects.

My wife started the flask kit but as she also helped out with setup and lunch etc, she has more to do.  I spent most of my time planing/laying out/cutting leather from a hide I had then started punching the holes for a shoulder messenger bag. I like stitching better than carving.

Thanks again for your instruction.  Your heart of service and patience was very evident with the children (and adults) in the carving class.

Enjoying God's goodness everyday! -Rod Cushingham


Janet Greenslade

Just wanted to drop a quick message. I stumbled onto your site whilst looking for leather info.  Loved your gallery and bio, it gave me hope that I can improve lol Leatherwork has always been a passion for me but life tends to push passion aside sometimes for the 'must make a living' responabilities of life. My priorities were changed twelve months ago after a car accident and I'm putting leatherwork back on my agenda. There is a problem with obtaining tools and hides in Tasmania. Australia but ebay helps =)

Once again loved your site, thank you


Alan Smith

Jim, Thank you for sharing your skills and your world vision for leather craft.
In my small way I am doing some sharing among our local Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

I was introduced to leather craft first when I was in the third grade 1955 with a film by Al Stohlman and then I actually got to do leather in the Seventh grade in a shop class in 1958.  In 1997 I bought the Al Stohlman correspondence course. I was slow and it took me a couple of years to complete. Harry Resinger patiently saw me to completion. This all happen about the time Tandy's management lost sight of Al Stohlman's vision. Someone lead me to Hide Crafter's and You, Andy, and George Hurst. I was so glad George incubated the leather crafter people and ideas. It would be so sad if this craft was lost.

I am getting close to retirement and plan to do more leather work in the future. Your work continues to inspire me. I hope to help pass this on to our youth.

You asked what other ideas for future advanced projects. I would suggest teaching applica like on your knife sheath you brought to the class. Also how to build projects from leather that are beyond kits. Like some of the cases in the Al and Ann Stohlman books. More than just building the project, but the thinking behind the actual starting to build. How to see an object and think about a leather case for that object.

Thank you


Allen Baker

Just a quick Thank You for the longhorn class.  I very much enjoyed it and was very challenged by it.  The painting is something I had never attempted before.  I either stain them or my wife has painted some for me.  I guess with time all things wil get better.

Again Thank You so much for shareing your talents with me and the many other leathercrafters.  I look forward to another class with you.


Kelly Williams

Hello Jim,

I can't tell you enough how thankful I am for your time. The ability you have to teach people the craft certainly sets you aside from most others. And your talent. I have taught a entry level maintenance program in my day so I understand how difficult it is to try to teach something that really depends on someone having the ability inside them. Sometimes people just don't and it's hard to teach them. It really stands out why you are the director of operations for Tandy Leather. You are a true compliment to the Company and the craft. And I also wanted to let you know how thankful I am for the time you spent with Tiffany. As I sit and type this she is tooling away on my bench. She is as hooked as I am. She wants to make something for everyone she knows now, including you. And now that she is sitting here tooling the other kids are now interested and wanting me to show them how to get started. Before they where not interested at all. I tried to get them to go with Tiffy and I but chose not to. Now that they see her making something they are all about it. With the enthusiasm the Tiffany and I got from you and everyone we encountered we now have something else we can do as a family. And am also elated with the way everyone treated us. As we sat in different places and started tinkering people where dying to help show us tips and stuff and they where genuinely  thrilled to be helping beginners.

Well I better stop here or I will take up too much of you time. Just know how thankful we all are.

Any time you want to share something I am all ears and eyes.


Robert Ranalli

I enjoyed your workshop at the Tandy store last weekend. I am a retired industrial arts teacher,but new to leather carving. I hope you come back to share your skills with us.


Lee Hoffman

Do you have a brochure on the classes and schedule you teach?  I missed your last class in AZ where you taught the technique for 3-D Eagle coming out of the leather.  My Son, Nick, just achieved his Eagle Rank and his ceremony is August 30th.  I'd very much like to give him a 3-D Eagle clawing through leather like the one you had on display in the Tempe, AZ Tandy Leather Factory store just before your class.  If you have instructions on doing that, or if you happen to have one of those depictions laying about, I'd love to get one for my Son.

Thank you for your time


I just read your biography, after sending you an email requesting some information.  I apologize for sounding forward.  I was told you were an instructor and didn't know of your position and history.  I have been a leatherwork merit badge counselor for our Troop 6586 for a few years.  I've been playing at leatherwork for about 20 years. I've never taken a formal class, but like you have been enthralled by the work of local leathercraftsmen for what seems like forever.

I just wanted to follow up my last email with a thank you, after realizing your artwork as well as others has amazed many a young boy, self included.  Thank you for sharing your talent.


Mike Goodson

Dear Mr Linnell: I just wanted to thank you for the time you spent we me in class in Charlotte. The class was  valuble and I picked up a few tips that will definatly come in handy.


Tom Fagan

Hi Jim,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say THANKS AGAIN" for teaching the class last Saturday. I think everyone had a great time and learned a lot.

I hope you will be able to come to Charlotte, NC again to do another class

All the best


Joe Hilton

How are you doing?  You do real nice work. I always wanted to take one of your classes but never could come up with the money to do so. I really like your eagles. I got the John Wayne pattern and I'm going to try to carve it. I will send you a copy of it when I'm done. I was in L.A. fighting fires on 20 hour shifts and the news came over the radio that John Wayne died. It was a real sad acausion for me. But he was out of pain. Cancer is eating us alive. Good talking to you. bye.


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