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Bob Klenda - 2010 Al Stohlman Award Winner

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2010 Stohlman Awards Presented at the Sheridan Show

2010 - Bob KlendaTony Laier, Vice President of the Al & Ann Stohlman Award Foundation stepped up to announce this year’s recipient of the Al Stohlman Award, Robert (Bob) Klenda – leather artist, teacher, President of the Colorado Saddle Makers Association, and member of the American Saddle Makers Association. 

Bob owns and operates Klenda’s Custom Saddlery in Meeker, Colorado.  He’s a farm boy from Kansas.  He began working with leather in 1959, completing his first saddle in 1961.  He was tutored by some very well-known and respected saddle makers, including Kermit Lyons, Duane Soderquist and Bud Grant.  Since then, Bob has 500 saddles and many, many chaps, chinks, and accessories to his credit. 

This award is well desserved by his outstanding leather craft teaching record.  He has unselfishly passed on to others all his leatherwork knowledge he’s accumulated over the last 50 years; share this knowledge by teaching 4H Leather Craft, many classes at events sponsored by The Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal, Colorado Saddle Makers Association and more; and when contacted, he will answer quickly or give a referral with a lot more information than had been asked.


"2010 Stohlman Awards Presented At The Sheridan Show". Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal.  September/October 2010. p 39. Print.


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